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Help Your Organization Perform at Peak Level

An organization can’t perform at peak level unless those contributing to its success are leading healthy vibrant lives.

Peralta & Associates will bring speakers on several different health topics to your work place, club, church or association on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Our goal is to improve the overall health of your organization thereby improving productivity, concentration, energy and teamwork.

We will tailor our health programs to meet your group’s needs with practitioners that cover all types of alternative treatments ranging from massage therapy to acupuncture, functional medicine and more. Our feng shui experts can help arrange your work place for better energy and efficiency. We also offer technologies for improving water quality, air quality and physical comfort — including technologies that reduce aches and pains.

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Help Individuals in Your Organization Develop Healthier Lifestyles

Increase productivity & energy while reducing stress.

By participating in our wellness programs, your company, employees, colleagues or group members can benefit from Peralta & Associates’ expansive knowledge, research, and expertise.  The information we share can help with many areas of workplace or group wellness. See improvements in your organization by engaging us on topics like:

  • How to Increase Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Practical Tips for Increasing Energy, Creativity and Balance
  • Holistic and Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Stress
Rejuvenate Your Organization

Our most requested health topics are:

  • How to Drop Weight Without Dieting or Exercising Intensely
  • How to Manage Stress with Better Nutritional Choices
  • How to Boost Immunity and Stamina
  • The Importance of Super Foods and Super Herbs
  • How to Avoid Cancer
  • Beauty From the Inside Out
  • Peak Performance for Athletes
  • How To Shop for Health and Wellness
  • How to Improve Mental Focus and Brain Power

Don’t see your topic of interest in these lists.  Let us know what you’re interested in.  We can develop custom packages tailored to the needs of your industry, demographics, or region.

Our prices start at $240 (plus materials) for a 1-hour session for groups with up to 20 individuals with a fee of $12 per additional participant up to 100 participants.  Contact us to obtain fees for larger groups or for a series of lectures as special fees, discounts or pricing may apply.  Please note, there is an additional charge for customized topics.  Additionally, quotes for implementation of technologies to improve the health of your environment (e.g. water, air, physical comfort) are developed on a customized basis.

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Our Promise to You About Our Health Series...

Suggestions we make to you as part of our health series will be:

  • Entertaining
  • Easy to follow
  • Interactive
  • Easy to integrate into your daily life

All important information will be provided in writing.  Members of you organization will receive take-home reminders of all the valuable tips and suggestions.