Weight Management

7 Key Causes for Weight Gain

Our approach to weight issues is very simple. We find the cause or causes of the weight gain.  We design a program to eliminate the cause,  and ….. the weight issue is resolved. We also believe it is important to focus on getting healthy instead of on losing weight.  When you do this the weight will drop off naturally. Exercise is also important, but you can drop lots of weight without exercising heavily. We primarily recommend walking outdoors for 30 to 45 minutes a day to help detox at a quicker pace.  This will also bring more oxygen to your cells and make your heart and lungs stronger. The main causes we have found for weight gain are:

  1. Food Allergies – Studies show that food allergens can actually cause weight gain. Gluten and dairy are the main culprits, though others like eggs, soy, peanuts and shellfish are also common.
  2. Preservatives, Artificial Sweeteners, Antibiotics and Additives – Consuming processed foods and beverages with preservatives, artificial sweeteners, antibiotics and additives is another major culprit. These substances clog the liver and make digestion very sluggish. They also are stored in our muscle tissues as fat. Even worse, these substances are designed to make you want to eat more of them. Contrast these types of foods with fruits or vegetables, it’s highly unlikely that you will overindulge on fruits or veggies for instance.
  3. Environmental Toxins – Exposure to environmental toxins in water and air is another culprit. Water and air filtration systems are very important in eliminating this cause of weight gain. And it’s important that you realize  — not all water filtration systems are created equal — they just aren’t the same. The key is that the filtration system not only purifies the water but that it also alkalizes it and does not take the minerals away. Often people get dehydration signals from their body confused with hunger, and this results in weight gain.  Dehydration can also make seasonal allergies more intense.
  4. Stress – High levels of stress cause mineral and vitamin deficiencies, not to mention hormonal imbalances which in turn cause weight gain.
  5. Sugar – Too much sugar consumption from processed foods and starchy veggies.
  6. Limited Nutrients – Eating foods with low or no nutritional value. If you are not feeding your body good nutrients you will crave food more often.
  7. Eating Unhealthy Fats and Carbs- Eating foods with transfats or margarine. Using corn, canola and soy oils as well as eating too many carbs like starchy veggies (potatoes), breads and pasta.

Let us help you get healthy and vibrant again.  Your extra pounds will be a thing of the past.

Here’s to your healthy weight!!

Walking is a big component in healthy weight management

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