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Quality nutritional supplements can provide a concentrated source of nutrients that eating food alone can’t provide. However, many health food stores are not supplying brands that are based on truly organic ingredients or whole food sources.

At Peralta and Associates we search for the best natural remedies for any illness including whole food, organic, nutritional supplements; herbals; super foods; water and air filters;  organic skin care lines; etc. We search for companies who only use organic ingredients, no preservatives, additives, artificial anything, no fillers, no added sugars, etc. Did you know that less than 10% of supplements sold today are based on organic whole foods? Many factors are taken into account in order to best assist our clients with the use of supplements. Pregnant women, vegetarians or vegans, menopausal women, athletes and seniors are example of people who may require special supplementation.

Even though our coaching helps many people to primarily use food for nourishment, we also know that food alone will not meet all of your nutritional needs. For most people today, stress levels are very high and many lifestyle choices can lead to depletion of the vitamins and minerals we consume when eating. Unfortunately, we are also eating more processed foods with many chemicals which place even more stress on our bodies. On our site we use and recommend the following supplements and products:

  • Pi Water Technology drinking water filters and shower filters.
  • The Kenzen Vital Balance Meal Replacement. This product is a great meal substitute, especially if you want to lose weight.  It uses plant based protein (18 grams per serving) and provides you with greens, probiotics and enzymes. It comes in a powder form which you can mix with water or nut milks. This provides a protein breakfast to keep sugar cravings in check. A  breakfast that’s based on protein will also give you more energy and helps your brain function better.
  • Kenzen Ciaga and Kenzen Bergisterol. These are certified organic super fruit juices. They will provide you with vitamins and minerals in a liquid form for enhanced absorption.
  • True Elements Organic Skin Care. This organic facial care system comes with six different products for a complete program for daily maintenance and long-term skin health.
  • Air Wellness Technology filters with negative ions and other air cleansing technologies, all in one.
  • Kenko Sleep Systems. For better sleep.
  • Magnetic Support like insoles, sports bracelets, wraps, etc. These products are excellent for aches and body discomforts. They also can increase body strength and stamina.

There are other herbal, super food and specialty supplements we recommend to our clients based on individual nutritional needs,  on blood test results and other health assessments. Sometimes we will have them at hand or we will provide web site links to order them. For further information on what to avoid or look for in supplements, just fill out the form on this page to download our article on  “How to Choose Nutritional Supplements”.  It will provide great information and tips on choosing protein shakes, powders, bars, juices, and more. Here’s to your health !!

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Choosing the right products and supplements can be critical in helping to achieve your health and wellness goals.  You’ll find the products we recommended above here on our site.

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