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How often do you connect with someone committed to YOUR personal health & wellness goals?  Daisy Peralta has researched and studied extensively on nutrition and home lifestyle changes with a focus on the following areas: certified organic, wild-harvested and eco-friendly.  Our practitioners promote pure whole foods, superfoods and other products to focus on your specific health and wellness needs as well as the planet’s well-being. In conjunction with the other practitioners, Peralta & Associates puts together a wellness program tailored just for you to assist in your journey — whether it be healing, fitness, weight loss, or peak performance.  The goal is to have you incorporating our holistic health principles into your life and seeing results as soon as possible. Check out our packages below, and the descriptions underneath to see how we can start you on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

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Starter Package

Starts you on the road to a healthy lifestyle
  • Health Assessment Goal Setting Individualized Plan Travel to Your Location (within the DC/Baltimore Metro Area Only)
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Booster Package

Helps Ensure Healthy Food Choices
  • Health Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Individualized Plan
  • Pantry” Overhaul (1 hour)
  • Food Shopping Trip (1 hour)
  • Cooking Demonstration (1 hour)
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Here are the details on what’s involved with each part of the package. 

  • Health Assessment – The process starts with an individual health assessment.  By providing us with your medical history as well as a summary of your daily routines, we are able to tailor our recommendations based your individual needs.
  • Goal Setting – In all aspects of life, it’s important to set goals.  Here we take into account your current goals and/or help you to set goals for better health, weight, or peak performance.
  • Individualized Plan – Based on the health assessment, your stress levels, goals, your favorite foods, sporting activities and exercise routines, we develop a detailed set of recommendations. These recommendations are provided to you in writing and depending on your present health can include recommendations on supplements to take, alternative practitioners to see, specific foods to eat, water or air filtrations systems, and more.
  • Travel – We travel to any location in the DC/Baltimore Metro area. (For travel outside of this area, additional fees to cover travel and lodging apply.)
  • “Pantry” Overhaul – This covers an assessment of the foods you have in your home and helps you to rid your kitchen of things that can sidetrack your path to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Healthy Food Shopping Trip – At the health food store, we will teach you how to read labels, shop for nutritious foods and avoid brands with unhealthy ingredients.
  • Cooking Demonstration – At home, we’ll teach you many quick meals that are not only nutritious but delicious. (Packages include a one hour demonstration for up to 2 participants, there is an added fee for additional participants.)
  •  plus…   4 Weekly Check-Ins (online or via phone) to help you stay on track 

Importantly, we want you to feel empowered with your new lifestyle and lead vibrant and healthy lives. That is our goal.  If you think you’ll need a different package, just contact us by clicking on the button below.  But, if you have made the decision and are ready for a change, sign up now! Please note, there is a $40 fee for travel within the DC/Baltimore metro area.  

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