Daisy Peralta's Story

How Daisy Peralta Began Her Mission of Promoting Health and Wellness in the DC / Baltimore Metro Area

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Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, Daisy Peralta grew up in a bilingual setting and is proficient in both Spanish and English. Hard working even in her youth, Daisy won a full scholarship to Georgetown University and then went on to realize successful careers in financial planning, property management, and sales management — not to mention achieving statewide recognition in tennis.  A natural leader, Daisy has held top management roles in each industry she has worked in.

Why Nutrition and Holistic Health?

About eight years ago, Daisy faced a serious health challenge. Having witnessed the long-term failure of conventional health care approaches in her family and never one to passively accept illness, she began researching natural cures. Her research revealed the importance of holistic and natural approaches to healing, as well as the need to detoxify one’s own home and environment. Her shift to an organic, green, holistic lifestyle not only cured her illness, but also helped her lose 70 pounds, returning her to peak performance in tennis and resulting in a healthier, more vibrant life with energy levels she hadn’t felt in years.  As a result, her life mission is now to help others (and their pets!) do the same.  

An innovator, leader and entrepreneur at heart, Daisy began her own nutrition and holistic health consulting company six years ago, and she has been changing lives ever since.

Enjoying an Abundant Life

Daisy serves as a role model to many, enjoying life in abundance, exuding high energy, living an organic, clean and green lifestyle. She eats a variety of foods yet keeps her weight in a healthy range by paying attention the ingredients and eating only natural, organic foods.  Her hobbies include cooking, travel, the arts, martial arts and tennis.  As a tennis professional, her consulting includes working part-time with a select group of serious competitors who want to improve mental and physical performance through superfoods, herbals and tennis tactics.  With her guidance, they increase focus, strength & fitness — and they win!

Daisy Peralta - Enjoy an Abundant Life

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