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Introducing Daisy Peralta…

Undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and inspirational motivational speakers and health consultants you’ll come across.


Daisy’s business customers love her!

“Daisy Peralta is quite well versed in the field of complementary and alternative medicine and is eager to share her experiences with others.  She has been a most positive influence in my development as an entrepreneur.

Kat Burns, Herbalist and Digestive Care Specialist

“…everyone LOVED you yesterday.  They thought you were full of information and would definitely like to have you back again.  Let me know what topic you can do and we can schedule it for next month.  Thank you for doing such an outstanding job.  They really appreciate it and so do I.”

Erin Barnes, Kellen Resources

“Daisy Peralta is so enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and motivated.  She obviously uses and studies the protocols and foods she promotes.  Everyone was so impressed by her presentation, and I was too! “

Hiawatha Cromer, MSW, Living Foods Lifestyle Coach and Director of the Assembly of Yahweh Wellness Center in Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

Daisy’s extensive knowledge and enthusiasm create the ideal environment for inspiring lifestyle changes. Plus, her focus on setting realistic goals and recommending changes that are easy to implement often translates to faster results.

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the natural energy of a waterful

Sometimes our lives get cluttered with things that don’t promote health.  We don’t take the time to do the things that foster and support our well being.

We’re busy fighting against nature instead of letting it work for  us. Like a waterfall, nature provides us with the flow and energy we need to flourish…

We just have to tap into it.

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